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Fire-supression systems

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Fire-supression systems

The Kripsol Group has become, after more than 25 years of experience one of the most prestigious organisations worldwide in the manufacture and marketing of water conduit products.

Kripfire is the division specialised in the Fire Pump sector. A wide product range and its xpertise has led it to position itself as a clear leader in the industry by offering the highest quality and guarantees.

A steady development based on the application of High Technologies, in line with the needs of today's markets, allows the manufacture of products with high added value, more efficient and greater energy savings.

Our services include:

  • - Design
  • - Manufacture of pumps
  • - Testing
  • - Commissioning
  • - Collaboration in after-sales and maintenance of fire pumps.

In order to save lives and property, our commitment is to provide fire pumps with maximum reliability, to ensure the necessary supply of water flow and pressure to extinguish the fire where required.

Products and Standards

We design, manufacture and carry out tests and commissionings of fire pumps under the most demanding Spanish, European and American standards and technical regulations:

  • - UNE 23500
  • - UNE-EN 12845 (ROC)
  • - NFPA 20 UL/FM

We also include in our design additional specifications of the most demanding engineering firms, insurance companies and properties.


Our commitment, high qualification and specialization of the production process, together to a with close collaboration with the most prestigious installers, engineers and properties, has led us to manufacture more than 1,000 fire pumps, installed in very different types of buildings and facilities. Visit our references.